About Us

Hijab Jewels is a UK based company which specialises in selling beautiful and elegant clothing, hijabs, pins and jewellery. In 2013, we proudly announced the launch of our first ever exclusive clothing collection composing of Islamic chiffon high low dresses and luxurious embroidered evening gowns with sophisticated cuts and high end tailoring. With a happy and growing demand for our clothing designs, we aim to always keep our store updated with more unique creations and the latest fashionable Islamic trends. 


Clothing Design Process

As our garments are exclusive, we strictly do not give other stores permission to stock or replicate our designs in anyway. Therefore, please be aware of companies claiming to stock our clothing or promising to replicate our designs. Such companies will not be selling the genuine article.  

We also do not stock wholesale clothing. We believe that quality should not be compromised and therefore promise that all our garments are tailored from rich high quality fabrics & are hand embellished & sewn with great care. 

At Hijab Jewels, we admire intricate embellishments and detailed thread work which is the end product of time consuming and passionate design work. With modesty and uniqueness in mind and with years of experience, we design our own clothing and embroidery patterns from scratch and are skilled in the cultural and valuable art of nakshi, dubki and tila embroidery.



Hijab Jewels is committed to ensuring high ethical standards. We guarantee that all our clothing and hand embroidered hijab designs are produced ethically and without exploitation in a positive, friendly and clean environment and that all our employees are paid fairly and honestly.  


VAT No 207570420